Hi there 👋

I’m Kumail. An ocean loving, outdoorsy, frontend engineer with a focus on product and the people who use it.

I am easily bored so I find learning and trying new things quite entertaining — which I write about here. If I haven't squandered away my free time binge watching Scrubs or Parks & Rec, I'll work on a project that interests me. So far, I've built several Open Source libraries and an online service called Formbakery.


Open Source

I remember the day I learned about open source. I had come across Fedora and was introduced to this culture of sharing world class software for no charge. It was, and remains, a very powerful idea. I design my websites in Inkscape, build them with Node.js and deploy on Ubuntu. I cannot imagine doing what I do without open software.

Here are 3 Open Source Libraries I've built: