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Visual integration testing

I've always believed that testing websites should be less boring! When I was working with a banking client a few years ago, we had a team of people who would manually browse the web application to test it! This is important work that needs to be done before launch, however, the technology to automate these every day workflows is lagging. I built Fleet to solve that problem.

Here are some early designs, the many iterations I went through before I settled on something I liked. You can also see some of the early sketches and gain insight into my thought process.

This is a desktop application that can record a users journey on a website and replay those events in headless mode for continuous testing. The user interface was designed in Inkscape, the frontend was built using React and the Mac application setup was done with Electron.

This homepage isn't live yet, but I'm quite proud of that illustration to the right, it took me almost 8 hours getting that just right.. time well spent.

Like a lot of things in life, if you keep at it, things morph into something you could have never imagined to begin with.

I find it incredible how ideas go from neurons firing in our brains, to a few sketches on paper, to code and then reality. That is the joy of making things, bringing to life that which never existed.

Before you get to a design you like, there are many stops along the way. This 70's looking action panel was just one of many iterations that did not make it to the final design.