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Fleet (July 2018 to Present, 1.5 Years)

I founded Fleet to make integration testing easy. The most obvious lesson I've come to learn is that — startups are hard.

Stack: Node/Javascript, Electron, React, Express, Webpack, SASS.

McKinsey & Company (1.5 Years)

As a technology consultant for McKinsey, I worked with clients in banking, insurance and government sectors across Europe, Asia & Africa. My role involved advising clients, leading engineering teams and building great software.

Stack: Node/Javascript, React, Express, Python, Keras (8 Months)

Worked remotely with some of the most talented engineers I've ever had the pleasure of working with!

Stack: Node/ES7, Express, SASS, Babel, Postgres/Mongoose, Gulp. (5 Years)

I joined Dubizzle when it was a small startup. We played foosball, drank redbull and wrote a TON of code. It was fun, challenging and educational. I owe this company a great deal! When I left many years later, it had more than doubled in size and was acquried by OLX.

Stack: Python, Django, JavaScript, CSS, ElasticSearch, Redis, MySQL, Docker.

Freelancer (3 Years)

I made a lot of websites during this time, most of which are no longer live (people tend to update their websites every few years). One that is still live that I'm particularly fond of is GCFID.